Parallel universe


Happy New Year my dear followers!
I’m still alive and still taking pictures, but the space-time continuum must have had a tear because all of a sudden it’s 2015 already. In other words: I’ve been and will be busy but I’ll try to at least occasionally post new photos. Thanks to all of you who have not given up on me and are still following.



Massachusetts State House on top of Beacon Hill showing off the gilded dome (23k gold) in one of Boston’s most expensive neighborhoods.



Dear friends and fellow bloggers,

Some of you might have noticed that I did not post my daily picture yesterday and are probably surprised to see a concert announcement instead of a photo today. I can’t take credit for the design of the card either, but I am a cast member in this production which is why I’ll take a break from the daily picture for a while to fully focus on the rehearsals and upcoming performances. If you are interested in opera and located in or close to Massachusetts please don’t miss out on the chance to travel back in time to the vibrant late 19th century.

If you are interested in more details please check out:

Thank you all and bye for now.

Yours truly