This airyĀ studio condo with an open floor plan was designed and constructed to the highest luxury condominium standards. It features hardwood flooring, exquisite fitted carpet, a floor to ceiling window, and a stunning view of the Cambridge Common park. Located only steps away from the vivid Harvard Square with its shops and restaurants as well as the T-station and several bus stops it is the perfect place to call home.




Probably one of the most moved churches: It was built in 1845 near Harvard Square, was moved to Porter Square Ā in 1867 and thenĀ another 100 ftĀ in December 2013. Now it is converted into a library for Lesley University.



I saw you standing in the corner
On the edge of a burning light
I saw you standing in the corner
Come to me again in the cold, cold night…

(The White Stripes – In the cold, cold night; 2003)




H2NCH2CH2OH or ratherĀ C2H7NO aka 2-Aminoethanol or Monoethanolamine (ETA, MEA).

“Chain of Life” created by John Robinson,Ā conceptualized by Prof.Ā R.J.P.Williams (Wadham College, Oxford). Materials: Steel and chrome, 1996.

  • black: Carbon
  • green: Nitrogen
  • blue: Oxygen
  • chrome: Hydrogen