Me, my camera and my tripod, Boston, -7 °C aka 19°F (felt like -17 °C/0°F). Happy to report that I did not turn into an icicle, but it was close ;).

2 thoughts on “Lightshow

  1. Breathtaking! Worth the effort. I used to work at the restaurant at the top of the Pru back when it first opened…. before the new Hancock was built. That is the Pru, isn’t it? Why can’t I find the Hancock? Now stay warm and don’t get frostbite!

    • Thank you! It was fun to try out night photography and I’ll definitely do more night shots – when it’s warmer though ;).
      Yes it is the Pru. Pretty cool that you worked there, the view is amazing! You can’t find the Hancock because it’s further to the left.

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