Parallel universe


Happy New Year my dear followers!
I’m still alive and still taking pictures, but the space-time continuum must have had a tear because all of a sudden it’s 2015 already. In other words: I’ve been and will be busy but I’ll try to at least occasionally post new photos. Thanks to all of you who have not given up on me and are still following.



The “Körtingbrunnen” in the Lister Meile in Hannover. This fountain was created by Gerhard Bünemann and inaugrated in 1976. The most common nickname of this landmark translates into ‘horse head fountain’, although some people see roosters when they look at the figurines.



The “Wind Wind Wind” is blowing in State Street. This stainless steel sculpture was created by Michio Ihara in 1973 and was first installed in Wellesley. In 2012 it was time for a change of wind: getting prettied up and relocated to Downtown to shine in new splendor.



These spheres are part of the stainless steel monument that sits on top of the Coolidge Corner building. The monument was designed by Arturo Vasquez on behalf of Harold Brown and manufactured by sculptor David Tonnesen. It was donated in honor of Brookline’s tercentennial anniversary in 2005. Each sphere represents 10o years of history.