According to a German legend the snow was the only thing left after all things in the world already got their color. The snow then asked around if anything would be willing to share its color. The earth did not answer at all, the grass pretended not to hear the snow and the rose was too haughty to share its color. Heavy-hearted the snow continued its journey. At the edge of a forest it met a tiny white flower and asked if it would be willing to share its beautiful color. ‘Why not, take as much as you need’ answered the flower and thus the snow got its color and the tiny flower the name snowdrop as well as the privilege to bloom first without being hurt by the snow.



These spheres are part of the stainless steel monument that sits on top of the Coolidge Corner building. The monument was designed by Arturo Vasquez on behalf of Harold Brown and manufactured by sculptor David Tonnesen. It was donated in honor of Brookline’s tercentennial anniversary in 2005. Each sphere represents 10o years of history.