Parallel universe


Happy New Year my dear followers!
I’m still alive and still taking pictures, but the space-time continuum must have had a tear because all of a sudden it’s 2015 already. In other words: I’ve been and will be busy but I’ll try to at least occasionally post new photos. Thanks to all of you who have not given up on me and are still following.



H2NCH2CH2OH or rather C2H7NO aka 2-Aminoethanol or Monoethanolamine (ETA, MEA).

“Chain of Life” created by John Robinson, conceptualized by Prof. R.J.P.Williams (Wadham College, Oxford). Materials: Steel and chrome, 1996.

  • black: Carbon
  • green: Nitrogen
  • blue: Oxygen
  • chrome: Hydrogen


2014-01-27Because there’s too many fish in the sea
Too many fish in the sea
Well there’s short ones, tall ones, fine ones, kind ones
Too many fish in the sea…

(The Marvelettes, 1964)