H2NCH2CH2OH or rather C2H7NO aka 2-Aminoethanol or Monoethanolamine (ETA, MEA).

“Chain of Life” created by John Robinson, conceptualized by Prof. R.J.P.Williams (Wadham College, Oxford). Materials: Steel and chrome, 1996.

  • black: Carbon
  • green: Nitrogen
  • blue: Oxygen
  • chrome: Hydrogen



A huge THANK YOU to all my followers!

I’ve made it!! Yesterday I published my 365th photo and my personal challenge to publish one picture per day for one year is done. Now I proudly present picture #366 :). Hope you keep following me.

Today’s subject is the “Hearts of Kindness” project. It’s an initiative to promote good will in South Boston, as a direct result of random acts of kindness performed by the youth of this community. The Youth Ambassadors at the South Boston Community Health Center have organized this project in cooperation with the South Boston Arts Association, Labouré  Center, Cushing House and South Boston Police District C-6.



To make sure they succeed with conquering this old building, the plants agreed on using different strategies: a bottom-up approach for the climbing comrades and a top-down approach for the trailing mates.



Crow T. Robot disguised as nightshade…

Or officially: Solanum dulcamara aka Amara dulcis, bittersweet nightshade, poisonberry, poisonflower, scarlet berry, snakeberry, blue blindweed, violet bloom, fellenwort, felonwood, trailing bittersweet or woody nightshade.