H2NCH2CH2OH or rather C2H7NO aka 2-Aminoethanol or Monoethanolamine (ETA, MEA).

“Chain of Life” created by John Robinson, conceptualized by Prof. R.J.P.Williams (Wadham College, Oxford). Materials: Steel and chrome, 1996.

  • black: Carbon
  • green: Nitrogen
  • blue: Oxygen
  • chrome: Hydrogen



Another masterpiece by Pablo Eduardo: Las Furias, a homage to the transformational power of music. The sculptor worked with steel and wood and lifted his creations, the weeping furies from the myth of Orpheus & Eurydice, up in the sky. By adding bells to each pillar, he created an auditory experience as well.



These spheres are part of the stainless steel monument that sits on top of the Coolidge Corner building. The monument was designed by Arturo Vasquez on behalf of Harold Brown and manufactured by sculptor David Tonnesen. It was donated in honor of Brookline’s tercentennial anniversary in 2005. Each sphere represents 10o years of history.